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Paula     Wilson

Paula Wilson is a naturally talented artist

who rediscovered her talent after joining

a local art group when her twin boys started

school in 2012. 

Whilst caring for her then partner who suffered a big stroke in 2013

she found the art was a respite for her.

 The Art 2012 -2015 was during this period ; with the local teacher giving out ideas, and due to time constraints the process developed into glazing layers which was used particularly with the 'Dandelions'; 'Dandelion Clock No.1' and 'Robin' watercolours.

 After reading an article series by Louis Smith in the Artist

and Illustrators magazine, published 2014; Paula realised

that she needed to pursue the Classical Methods of portraiture.

 Eventually in 2016, Paula studied for 6 months part time at the

Realist Academy in Manchester, England. She learnt the full

process of classical portrait drawing.

Since this time, Paula has been asked to teach the portrait drawing method in Cheshire and will be hosting more courses of different types in the near future.

 She is continuing to develop her skills in drawing

before working in oils very soon!


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