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Early work 2012-2015

Gran and Mum

This is a drawing of my Grandmother and mother when she was a child aged about 7years. On cartridge paper A3. In Progress.


This is an oil pastel portrait of Monty, who is a fox red labrador puppy. On paper 38cm x 28cm.


Oil pastels and soft drawing pencils, acrylic background on watercolour paper.

sketch of mum

Freehand sketch from an old colour photo, Graphite pencil on paper.

Mr Tibbs

Portrait done of Mr Tibbs from a reference photo. Oil Pastel on paper.


Christopher sadly lost his life to cot death and I was commissioned to do his portrait in graphite pencil from a photograph.


'My Mum, Dot' Oil on canvas 40cm x 30cm.

David and Cain

Pencil portrait done for David and his dog Cain, as a surprise for his birthday. taken from a photo provided. On cartridge paper A3.

lily painting

Lilly Flower Mixed media on paper

Dandelion Clock No. 1

'Dandelion Clock No 1' Watercolour and gouache on paper. Available as Giclee prints.

Dandelion Clock No.2

'Dandelion Clock No 2' Watercolour and gouache on paper.

It's 3 o clock

watercolour and gouache on cartridge sketchbook paper. Not available.

Dandelion No.3

Watercolour and gouache on paper. Not available.


'Dandelions' watercolour and gouache on paper. Available as Giclee prints.

Hellebores in a jar

'Helebores' Watercolour on paper.

Chive Flowers

'Chives Flowers' Watercolour on paper.


'Apples' Watercolour and ink (line and wash) on paper.

The Robin

'Robin' Watercolour on paper. Available as fine art giclee prints on watercolour paper

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